Orange invites candidates who wish to be part of a dynamic workforce to apply for the above position.
Reporting to the Human Resources Manager, this role requires the person to be able to coordinate Organization Development and Learning initiatives. They will be working with all levels of staff, to identify how performance gaps can be addressed across different departments in the company. Also to assist the Human Resource Manager in all aspects of Organisational Development by leveraging Human capital data to deliver innovative yet practical talent solutions that help drive performance in our dynamic, rapidly changing business environment.

The main duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in coordination and implementation of yearly training plan and providing monthly training expenditure report.
  • Ensure expenditures associated with facilitation of learning interventions are managed within the approved budget to achieve cost efficiencies.
  • Support and lead the design, development, and implementation of training programs, to further the development of leaders and employees.
  • Use technology to advance learning and organizational development initiatives (e.g., Learning Management Systems, e-learning modules).
  • Analyse development needs and consult with internal customers to identify performance problems and development opportunities, Use the findings to improve employee development.
  • Evaluate results for training and development programs; ensure alignment with business strategic goals.
  • Provide support on company-wide talent focused projects/ programs to drive culture and engagement.
  • Participate in the coordination, implementation and delivery of policies, procedures and processes that support business objectives and are aligned with the organization's strategic goals.
  • Liaise with leadership and HR Manager to understand and anticipate needs for talent programs.
  • Support the implementation and evaluation of the Performance Management Frameworks. Support performance improvement agenda through the collection, analysis and reporting of accurate and timely performance information to ensure the continuous improvement of services.
  • To coordinate and facilitate the communication to all staff of performance issues including the preparation of performance reports.
  • To management Performance Management System.
  • To manage, influence and motivate staff associated with performance issues.
  • Assist with collation, analysis and reporting of statistical and HR Data.
  • Facilitation of Performance Management process.
  • Facilitation and Implementation of Talent and management review process.
  • Design and Implementation of Learning and Development strategy.
  • Maintain and update HR policies, procedures, and process.
Reporting to the Controlling Manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for assisting in Management reporting, linking the operational and financial activities of the company. Controlling consists of verifying whether activities of the business occur in conformity with plans adopted, instructions issued and principles established. We ensure that there is effective and efficient utilization of organizational resources so as to achieve the planned goals.

The main duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in Management reporting.
  • Analyse, compose and communicate a company’s financial position.
  • Analyse cost and revenues using key data.
  • Create monthly and annual reports to identify results, trends, and financial forecasts.
  • Assist the Controlling Manager in making forecasts to assist business planning and decision-making, this includes contributing to budgeting process.
  • Assist in ensuring that financial transactions are properly recorded and reported as per accounting standards.
  • Review financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities.
  • Work closely with general management on business decisions and plans, providing information.
  • Preparation and validation of business cases and cost analysis, work on cost analysis and cost-reduction projects.
Reporting to the Legal Services Manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for management of all regulatory aspects and non-compliance risks with the telecom regulation.

The main duties include but are not limited to

  • Ensure Company compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, the license, standards and policies.
  • Manage regulatory relationship.
  • Provide advice on regulatory matters.
  • Ensure compliance reporting and monitoring.
  • Coordinate, monitor, assess initiatives and actions to ensure compliance with legislation, the PTO license, regulations including those relating to AML, directives, policies and plans.
  • Implement and monitor the license risk management plan.
  • Develop and implement appropriate mitigation control measures.
  • Identify, assess and communicate key regulatory risks.
  • Provide timely advice and guidance on the proper application and interpretation of legislation and regulations applicable to Orange.
  • Prepare and manage accurate reports to all stakeholders in accordance with the relevant timelines.
  • Monitor service levels and report any sub-standard service to the relevant departments to mitigate risks associated.
  • Manage and develop the relationship with the Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).
  • Ensure the company's reputation is protected by building trust and good communication between the Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).
  • Be the main contact person for the Regulator responsible for communicating all concerns, requests to and from the BOCRA.
  • Manage and prepare or facilitate all regulatory communication.
Reporting to the CEO, the incumbent will be responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of Orange Botswana’s marketing and advertising initiatives. The primary role of the CMO is to generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, using market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, and advertising. The position will also be responsible for coordinating the strategic marketing plan, annual action plan in agreement with the CEO and applying them with the support of the Group marketing strategy.

The main duties include but are not limited to:

  • Elaborate and implement annual marketing and communication plan with regular update and coordination with his(her) peers (sales, finance, ITN, customer service in particular).
  • Ensure that marketing strategies correspond and relate to the financial and overall commercial objectives of Orange Botswana.
  • Participate to the elaboration of the budget, in particular by the valuation of the initiatives of the marketing plan.
  • Support the sales force in realization of the commercial objectives of the company, in particular by promotions, offers and other initiatives.
  • Leads innovation on products and service and regarding pricing.
  • Ensure the differentiation of the company through segmented offers / pricing / the positioning of the company.
  • Manage geo-marketing activities and contribute to the elaboration of the plan of deployment of the company.
  • Define and implements sponsoring policy of the company consistent with its strategy and the guidelines of Orange Group .
  • Participate to external relations of the company.
  • Estimate the efficiency of communications channels and advertising campaigns, adapts the communication plan consequently.
  • Contribute actively to the program of costs optimization of the company.

Closing date and application instructions

Interested candidates who meet the minimum requirements can submit their applications, updated CV and certified copies of their academic certificates to:
The subject window on email should only contain the title of the position being applied for.
Closing date: 2nd June 2017
Kindly note, that Orange Botswana shall only correspond to short-listed candidates.

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