The Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation wishes to inform that qualified and experienced Batswana are invited to apply for the 2018 Standby Team of Senior Mediation Advisers of the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations.
Standby Team members are engaged on a full-time basis and deployed on short notice to the field to support conflict prevention, good offices and mediation efforts of United Nations representatives and envoys. Between deployments they undertake research and analysis on mediation issues or deliver trainings.
Senior Mediation Advisers are required for a period of one year starting late January 2018 in the following areas of specialization:
1. Adviser of Design and Conduct of Mediation, Facilitation and Dialogue Processes.
2. Adviser on Security Arrangements.
3. Adviser on Constitutional Issues.
4. Adviser on Power-sharing
5. Adviser on Gender Inclusion.
Please note that the applications should be made via the recruitment portal of UNOPS and submitted by 31 July 2017 through this link:

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