General Objective
The general objective of the SADC programme under the APSA is to complement the SADC effort in implementing its peace and security agenda and ensuring political stability through preventive, management and resolution of potential and prevailing crises and/or disputes.
Specific Objectives
The specific objectives are aligned to the budget component and SADC Corporate Plan. Accordingly, the specific objectives for the Financing Contribution Agreement are:to ensure continuous operations of the SADC Liaison Office to the African Union;
    1.    policy development and validation aimed at ensuring collaboration and coordination with the continental early warning systems as well as undertaking regional assessments.
    2.    Reinforce proper management of financial resources availed through the APSA III Support Programme and facilitate the work of the Directorate of the Organ and Planning Element of the SADC Standby Force;
    3.    Complement SADC resources earmarked for training of specialized personnel in planning and conduct of peace support operations;
    4.    Complement SADC capacity in coordinating regional and continental peace and security challenges in pursuance of the Africa’s ultimate goal of creating a development conducive environment;
    5.    Whereas SADC has provided the Directorate of the Organ and SADC Standby Force Planning Elements with basic operations equipment more is needed to ensure full operations and prosecution of SADC’s peace and security agenda. The APSA Support Programme will support the acquisition of equipment and some consumables while on missions related to preventive diplomacy and conflict/crises prevention.
It is following this background that SADC Secretariat wishes to invite suitably qualified, experienced citizens of SADC to apply for the following positions, tenable at its Headquarters in Gaborone, Botswana: 


The Project Manager is expected to perform inter alia, the following tasks:
  1. manage and coordinate all APSA III project activities and administrative matters relating to the implementation of the APSA III Programme;
  2. establish related operating and project management procedures; 
  3. prepare tender and other procurement documentation;
  4. establish robust programme monitoring and evaluation systems;
  5. drafting and preparation of formal reports and ad hoc reports as required by the Director of Organ and ICP partners;
  6. responsible for the planning of project technical activities and ensuring that all the planned technical activities are executed efficiently through timely mobilisation and utilisation of resources within the framework of the APSA support programme;
  7. will be required to work closely with other experts in the Directorate and the SADC Liaison Office to the African Union in anticipating/identifying potential problems / obstacles that may arise; and
  8. take appropriate actions to resolve these so that the programme runs as smoothly as possible and priority objectives are achieved.
The specific objectives are aligned to the budget component and SADC Corporate Plan. Accordingly, the specific objectives for the Financing Contribution Agreement are:
  1. to issue annual budget guidelines, supports and coordinate the budgeting process and consolidates the annual budget with the objective of controlling the budgeting process;
  2. to issue medium term expenditure guidelines, supports and coordinates the medium term expenditure planning process and consolidates the medium term expenditure statement with the objective of controlling the process;          
  3. to produce programme annual financial statements meeting statutory reporting objectives and standards and approve audited financial statements;
  4. to review and propose changes to financial regulations and procedures, budgeting systems, process manuals with the objective of enhancing corporate governance, accountability and transparency;
  5. to review extra-budgetary submissions with the objective of enhancing budgetary control;
  6. to review general ledger accounts and subsidiary ledgers to supporting schedules, enforce compliance with monthly accounting timetable and reviews monthly trial balance and produce management accounts;
  7. to coordinate the audit of the APSA III Programme with the objective of ensuring efficient and effective audit process and oversee implementation of improvements on accounting and budgeting as stipulated in management reports;
  8. to coordinate budgetary control and ensure that adequate budgetary processes are adhered to;
  9. to manage the payroll process in accordance with contractual obligations and APSA III Programme Administration rules and procedures;
  10. to undertake corporate creditors management activities with the objective of minimizing risk of exposure.
  11. to prepare project audited financial statements prior to their submission to donors
Submission of applications
Applications must be submitted to:
The Executive Secretary
SADC Secretariat
P/Bag 0095
ATTENTION: Director of Human Resources and Administration or apply to
Your application should accompany the following:
a)     A short covering letter stating the position that you want to be considered for and describe how your qualifications, experience and competencies are relevant to the position;
b)     A detailed and updated curriculum vitae;
c)     Certified copies of your degree(s), Diploma(s) and Certificate(s);
d)     Duly completed SADC Application Form.
Should you be shortlisted, you will be required to produce evidence of any educational and professional qualifications supporting your applications on the day of your interview.
Gender Mainstreaming
SADC is an equal opportunity employer and particularly encourage applications from female candidates.
Closing Date: 31 July 2017:
If you are result oriented, you have passion for the transformation and development of Southern Africa, and possess the competencies to meet the new challenges, submit your application now!!!
Only applicants who meet the requirements and have been shortlisted for the interview will be contacted. Should you not hear from the SADC Secretariat within four weeks after closing date, kindly consider your application unsuccessful
For further details on the position that you want to apply for, job profiles and SADC Application Form, refer to the SADC Website:
More details are available on the below:

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