Under the general direction of the Coordination Centre Board Chairperson, the Coordination Centre Manager shall manage the operations of the Coordination Centre and interface with SADC, SAPP members and International Stakeholders.
The duties of the Coordination Centre Manager are as follows:
General Management
Compile a business plan for the SAPP Coordination Centre in alignment with overall SAPP strategic direction.
Compile budgets operation for the SAPP Coordination Centre in alignment with the business plan
Design and propose for approval and implementation, a robust governance framework with policies relating to: appropriate financial controls, delegation of authority for proper decision making, human resource management, and reporting.
Identify, document and implement business processes for the coordination centre.
Manage the Coordination Centre in an efficient manner
Financial Management
Provide strategic and financial guidance to the SAPP Coordination Centre staff
Develop policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management and control of the SAPP
Administer the Coordination Centre accounting structure to include preparation of the Coordination Centre budget
Oversee the compilation and dissemination of audited financial statements
Perform financial management by ensuring all costsand expenses are within budget
Conduct internal audits and ensure corrective action and non-repeats
Human Resource Management
Recruit staff to resource the Co-ordination Centre on such terms as approved by the Management Committee
Direct the Chief Engineer, Chief Market Analyst, Senior Transaction Advisor and other staff, as applicable
Co-ordinate the training of CC staff and SAPP Members
Set annual performance targets and manage performance of all staff
SAPP Operations Management
Provide secretarial services to include the keeping of minutes and decision register of the SAPP governance bodies such as the Coordination Centre Board, Management Committee and the Executive Committee
Represent SAPP at various public forums, as appropriate and pre authorized
Be the focal point for SAPP’s interface with SADC, donors, DFIs, other Power Pools in Africa and institutions in Africa
Evaluate the impact of future infrastructure projects on the operation of the Pool
Identify and obtain funding and support for all the capital projects of the Co-ordination Centre
Reports on key performance indicators of the SAPP operations
Identify trends and recommend interventions to resolve problems with the Coordination Centre
Prepare a summary of the proceedings of the Management Committee and in conjunction with the Management Committee Chairperson and refer deadlocked resolutions to the Executive Committee Chairperson
Stakeholder Management
Perform relationship management with donors and stakeholders
Ensure publication of appropriate monthly reports covering the activities of the SAPP Coordination Centre
Other duties, as assigned
Minimum and ideal qualifications:
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree
Preferably a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
A degree in Business Administration or Business Leadership would be an added advantage.
Leadership and management skills
SADC national
Passport valid for travel to SADC countries
Ten years of experience in electric power systems and operations
The duration of the contract is five (5) years.
Company profile
The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) was created in April 1995 through the SADC treaty to optimise the use of available energy resources amongst the countries in the region and support one another during emergencies. At the time of creation, the SADC governments agreed to allow their national power utilities to enter into the necessary agreements that regulate the establishment and operation of the SAPP. SAPP membership was therefore restricted to national power utilities of the SADC member states as indicated in the Inter-Governmental Memorandum of Understanding (IGMOU). In the revised IGMOU of February 2006 SAPP-membership was also made possible for other Electricity Supply Enterprises.
Closing date and application instructions
Interested candidates should submit their applications and curriculum vitae by 3 March 2017 to;
The SAPP Human Resource Working Group Chairperson
Southern African Power Pool
24 Golden Stairs Road
P. O. Box EH52
Emerald Hill
Tel: +263 4 335517/48/58

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