Vacancies at BURS - Closing Date: Friday 23 September 2016

Director Legal Services & Board Secretary (Re-advertisement)

New vacancy - open to all applications

Overview of role
To plan, organise coordinate and manage the delivery of legal policies, strategies and services which will ensure that the activities of BURS are consistent with the provisions of relevant taxpayer, customs and excise and other relevant legislation and to render legal advice which protects the interests of BURS and thereby contribute to the achievement of BURS’ objectives and mandate, and revenue maximisation; and to provide administrative and legal advisory services to the Board of BURS to ensure that Board directives and decisions are consistent with the powers vested to BURS and the Board in terms of the Act; and to develop and monitor the implementation of corporate governance standards and organisational ethics which are consistent with international best practice and clearly articulate the roles of the Board, the management of BURS, and the relationship between BURS and Government.


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