Jobs at Barclays Bank Of Botswana , 1/3/2016

Independent Trustee on the Board of Trustees

Duties and Resposibilities

- Inform the Regulatory Authority, in writing, of any information relating to the affairs of the Fund, which in their opinion may seriously prejudice the financial soundness of the Fund, or its Members as soon as the Trustee becomes aware of any such information.
- Act independently and exercise their powers in a manner that is impartial and not influenced by inappropriate considerations.
- Ensure that the Fund is financially sounds, responsibly managed and governed in accordance with its Rules and the applicable legislation.
- Ensure that adequate and appropriate information is communicated to the Members and beneficiaries informing them of their rights, duties and benefits in relation to the Fund.

Qualifications and Requirements

- Must have extensive experience in the retirement fund industry and experience as a Trustee which is not limited to a certain field related to retirement funds.
- Must have sound knowledge of corporate governance.
- Must have good communication skills as well the required time and commitment to fulfill the role.
- Cannot be an employee, agent, shareholder to any service provider of Barclays Bank of Botswana Limited and the Fund, including their subsidiaries and related entities.


Qualified candidates are to submit their detailed curriculum vitaes with covering letter to one of the following, with a clearly marked heading "BBBLSPF - Independent Trustee" no later than 4 March 2016


Hand delivered:Â
Barclays Bank Of Botswana Limited Staff Pension Fund
c/o Alexander Forbes Financial Service
Plot 203 Independence Avenue
Independence Place, Gaborone

Barclays Bank Of Botswana Limited Staff Pension Fund
c/o Alexander Forbes Financial Service
Private Bag 00410

Source:Sunday Standard February 21 - 27 2016

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